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Various Reasons To Buy Spy Net Video Watch

If you want to gift your child with a precious gift, the Spy Net Video Watch can be one of your favorite choices. There are a variety of tech gizmos which are available in the market and a kid certainly loves the thrill associated with this gadget. The multi utility features of the gadget consist of video camera, microphone and audio facilities. If your kids want to put on the avatar of James Bond and wants to feel like him, they should have this fantastic gadget in their hands.

For instance your kids may just want to play a detective game with their friends and video enabled function of the Spy Net Video Watch may assist them to record all the events which take place during this time. With the help of this video camera a collection of 20,000 photos can be taken.

The Spy Net Video Watch holds the capacity to record a total video coverage which goes up to 20 minutes. The video footage can also be matched with some incredible audio sound. The multiple benefits of the gadget helps the kids to take back the recorded material and again transfer it on their personal computers via USB cable.

One of the most wonderful facts which can be associated with the Spy Net Video Watch is that the kids can wear it on their wrists and move around freely with it. The video camera lies hidden inside the watch and your kids can record all the events which unfold secretly.

The Spy Net Video Watch creates further interest in your mind as it exhibits a unique lie detector which is one of the essential parts of it. As the kids get involved in the various spy games, they want to detect whether the other participants are lying or not. When somebody makes a statement during the course of the spy games, the detector has the ability to ascertain whether it is a truth or a lie. When a group of kids play together a lie detector test often acts as the most exciting factor. The culprit in question can be caught with the help of the test.

The Spy Net Video Watch also has an exciting facility of voice change where a child’s voice may just sound like an old man. It adds a creative touch to the gadget and makes it one of the most sought after gizmos in the recent times.

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